It works! It works! I have weather satellite pictures!
See! See!

This is Typhoon Tambin hitting Taiwan with the larger Bolaven to the East.

Well, that’s my life over. The chances of ever leaving the house are dwindling fast..

I must also mention David Taylor’s excellent set of software (here) which turns the huge lake of raw data into pictures and animations. They create order out of chaos and are, in my opinion, an essential part of the system and you could no more do without AVHRR Manager and MSG Manager than you could do without the satellite dish. They may initially seem expensive to register but, without this software you would have nothing but a large raft of data.
(And I do mean large)
You also get a full 30 days of full function to try out all the programs out and this will give enough to decide which bits you need and which can be saved for a later date.

I used to use David’s free Satsignal program to decode and create the colour images from ATP transmissions years ago, so, thanks David and keep up the good work!