Well, despite my conviction that I wouldn’t see the receiver before September, it arrived this morning. (Thank you GEO Shop – I should never have doubted you!) The last piece of the jigsaw is in place.
All thoughts of actually doing some work today are abandoned as I begin the task of attaching the hardware and installing the software.

I shall gloss over the couple of hours spent installing, uninstalling, swearing and reinstalling the software – it wasn’t that bad after all. I recommend following the instructions on the software disc that is provided by EUMETSat – they have the newest drivers and the auto setup that came on the disc with the box set the receiver up for Hotbird at 19 degrees rather than Eurobird at 9 degrees….
Everything is switched on. dish pointed about right. Signal coming in, if weakly but no data flowing. Doh! After much running up and down ladders and waving fists at inanimate objects I finally waited until my other half came home and had her watch the signal strength meter on the software while I gibboned about on the roof. Shouts of “Red 40%”, “Green 60%” and “Its gone altogether” rang around the garden.

She’s always telling me we should do more things together..

Eventually I have a good solid signal of 69% and I started tuning the transponders.
No go. Signal strong. Video coming down from the satellite. No data flowing. Another hour of shouting at the receiver, the PC and a passing pheasant.

Eventually after much frustration I noticed on David Taylor’s site very informative site here (without which I would never have got this whole project off the ground) I noticed that he mentions that there are no free-to-air channels on this transponder on Eurobird. Funny, I’ve got Romanian music videos playing.

The light suddenly dawns…Wrong bloody satellite!

Back on the roof. They were right, this is a lot trickier than zoning in on an Astra signal for Sky Digital. The distance between the satellites is tiny.

A few wiggles and Lo, data is flowing. The Tellcast icon is a friendly pink (as it should be) and it all seems to be working. I can’t believe it.

All I must do now is to wait for the satellites to transmit.