The dish, brackets and cable I had ordered have arrived.

Now, when I ordered the dish, 80cm didn’t seem very big (what is a centimetre anyway?) after all, the old analogue Sky “bin-lids” weren’t that big were they?
Turns out they were 60cm and my grasp of modern, newfangled measurements was less solid than I had previously apprehended..

The last time I’d seen a disc of metal this large, there was a Gaulish chieftain standing on top of it. Its huuuuge!

Spent the rest of my free time today drilling random holes all over (and through) the back wall with the BFD (the rather large SDS drill..) and bolting the extremely sturdy T&K brackets to the wall.
Here I must mention the place I bought the brackets and cable from.
The site looks a little basic but, the prices are very cheap and the service is fast and efficient. They are charging only £7.95 plus VAT for 12″ T&K brackets – they are sturdy welded angle-iron – no weedy pressed metal – and also include the U bolts which most places charge extra for. Adding the pack of bolts, washers and 10mm plugs for £1.75 was also a good idea as you don’t always want or need a box of 50 as some places supply! A nice touch when they arrived was the inclusion of a free syringe of silicon grease to lubricate the hex bolts. The delivery charge looked a little steep for brackets and a roll of (very reasonable) cable but, when they arrived (next day) they weighed a ton. *Plug over*

Bottom Bracket

Bottom Bracket

You may notice in the picture above that the top two bolts are in the mortar – don’t follow my example! If at all possible I recommend drilling into the brick – the hold is considerably firmer. and longer lasting. By the way – the rubber matting wrapped round the end of the bracket is to prevent any bumbling, overweight weather enthusiasts from biffing themselves on the sharp edges..