When I first considered embarking on this project I decided that a sensible first step would be to make a site survey of the house and garden to check where I might install the satellite dish. Taking the Sky digital dish as a rough starter for where the satellite would be in the sky I consulted an online dish pointer (http://www.dishpointer.com/) and, armed with my trusty compass, spent a happy half-day wandering about the garden and bungalow roof trying to find the best spot. Frank across the road must have thought I’d gone insane as I repeatedly stood on the roof peak, slowly rotating with my arm out..
Everywhere I decided to site the dish there was a tree in the way.
Everywhere! I swear the damn plum-tree was moving about while my back was turned.


The rare Herefordshire Walking Plum

I finally despaired and was on the point of giving up altogether.
Going back in for a grump and a cup of tea I made a couple of discoveries.

1. I had been looking at the wrong satellite…. Atlantic bird instead of Eurobird.
2. I had forgotten (despite having installed two previous dishes..) that most Sat dishes are OFFSET – they don’t receive the signal from where they are apparently pointing.
The  dish may look like it is almost flat to the horizon but, the satellite is actually at an elevation of about 30 degrees. I had been looking too low! Hoorah!

Offset Dish

So, armed with my clinometer set to 30 degrees I hastened back outside and realised that from some points I could see OVER the Walking Plum and his pals. Better still, because the pitch of our roof is so low I could probably install the dish behind the house and still see the satellite. It would be out of the way; the eyesore would be round the back and I wouldn’t be banging my bonce on it every time I stepped out of the front door (we have very low eaves). So the theory goes – we shall see…